La Gleva Sausages Sampler Pack


Pridať do košíka

This is a great way to try out the best of La Gleva's sausages hand-made from their organically-raised, free-range pigs. They are hands-down the best cured pork sausages we've tasted. As they are all-natural (no synthetic or cellulose casings here!), you can just slice them and savour their smooth, juicy flavours. Open a bottle of red wine with some friends and decide which ones you like best. The box weighs approximately 1,5kg and contains a Llonganissa de Pages (500g), two Somalla sausages (250g each), two Xomalla sausages (150g each), and one Fuet sausage (220g).

(Note that while made from organically raised, free-range pigs, these sausages contain small amounts of preservatives. For completely additive-free sausages, see La Gleva's organic offerings.)

About La Gleva

Founded in 1896 in the foothills of the Pyrenees, La Gleva ("the Glade") is a town that hasn't changed much since 1896, when the Gil family started growing grain, raising pigs and making really tasty sausages by hand. The family never switched over to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or intensive farming of any kind. Today the operation is certified organic and the sausages are by our reckoning the best we've tasted.